Work Packages

IMCONet consists of 7 Work Packages (WP). WP0 takes care of the overall project coordination and management, including the network website. WPs 1-5 produce and archive the data from different ecosystem compartments and conduct field work and experiments on site. In WP1 a partial model for glacier melting on KGI is developed based on different data sets from IMCOAST and IMCONet fieldwork. WP2 analyses and models hydrographic and biological changes at KGI to compare the Northern Peninsula region to other regions further to the South, to understand the spatial differences in climate change scenarios. The objectives of WP3 are to determine spatial and temporal changes in sea-water bacterial and archaeal community structure and the presence of bacterial phages in Potter Cove. WP4 integrates all data that are available on the temporal and spatial distribution of different taxonomic groups represented in the benthic fauna and flora at different levels of organisation from populations to communities. WP5 studies the post glacial, long time environmental changes at the KGI area from terrestrial and marine records. WP6 conducts spatial modelling of the benthic provinces and also aims at producing a food web model for Potter Cove across trophic levels from algae to meio- and macrofauna. WP6 will also support links between models from different ecosystem compartments in Potter Cove, to analyse cause and effect interactions in coastal climate change.  Additionally, WP4 and WP6 will archive incoming data sets (PANGAEA®) and link to data archived in other systems.