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Irene Schloss, specialist for Antarctic plankton and leader of IMCONet WP2, was among 74 retreat invitees from 22 countries, as a specialist in Antarctic plankton. The group published a commentry in Nature ( The list of questions can be found in!/suppinfoFile/512023a_s1.pdf, while the complete list of contributors is in!/suppinfoFile/512023a_s2.pdf.

New paper by Patrick Monien and colleagues from Oldenburg University on "redox conditions and trace metal cycling " in Potter Cove sediments. Read accepted manuscript

New paper by Luciana Torre and the Cordoba group on the metabolic response of Potter Cove ascidian  species to sedimentation

New paper by Anne Woelf and colleagues from AWI, Universities Oldenburg and Hamburg and from the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA) on "distribution of sediment types in Potter Cove"

Two new papers by Francesca Pasotti and Ann Vanreusel are  printed or in press. The first presents a seasonal snapshot of summer and winter meiofauna communities in Potter Cove (Pasotti et al 2014a). The second paper analyzes glacier retreat effects (ice disturbance and increased sedimentation/re-suspension events) on benthic micro-, meio- and macrofauna in Potter Cove. Benthic community structure is compared at three sites with different glacier retreat history and related to sedimentary and biogeochemical environmental characteristics. Marine Ecology in press.